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VIDEO: Proposed ticket office closures raised in parliament by MP

Ilkley MP Robbie Moore has told the House of Commons he is "deeply concerned" by plans to shut the ticket offices at both Keighley and Ilkley railway stations.

During a session where questions were put to the Rail Minister Huw Merriman, Mr Moore urged people to take part in the consultation.

Northern announced details yesterday of proposals for the closure of a number of ticket offices - including Ilkley (and Keighley) - as well as a reduction in opening hours at Skipton and others.

Mr Moore also requested an urgent meeting with Mr Merriman, which the Minister accepted.

Speaking in the House, Robbie Moore MP said: “Of course, it is healthy to carry out a review to make positive change, but I have to say that I am deeply concerned to hear that Northern are considering closing the ticket office in Keighley and in Ilkley.

"I'm yet to be convinced that these changes will have a positive impact on disabled passengers, elderly passengers, those with accessibility issues and of course those who want to carry out more complex transactions.

"And this is from two stations, Mr speaker, where we have one in six people carrying out these transactions - higher than the national average. So will the minister meet with me so that I can express my concerns but also reiterate to the House that this is a consultation and there is no done deal and urge people to be able to give their views to the consultation.”

Rail Minister Mr Merriman responded that transport group Transport Focus would assess the consultation responses during a 35 day period, working with train operators.

The Minister said that if an agreement could not be reached regarding closures, the issue would go directly to the Secretary of State for Transport.


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