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Westville House School Ukraine fundraiser huge success

Children and staff at Westville House School in Ilkley have been fundraising for the Ukraine appeal.

The Junior Leadership team (JLT) are determined in their efforts to raise as much money for the DEC Ukraine appeal as possible.

In respect and support of such a worthy cause, the JLT held a whole school bake sale in the colours of the Ukraine flag, along with the sale of blue and yellow ribbon lapels, badges and hair bows.

John Coulthurst, who represented the British Red Cross at the event commented; "On behalf of the British Red Cross, we would like to thank the JLT, children and staff of Westville House school for their initiative, creativity, and kindness shown in fundraising for the Ukrainian appeal."

Jules Coulthurst, Leader of the JLT; "The Ukraine humanitarian crisis has certainly touched the hearts and souls of all the children, even as young as Nursery. We, at Westville House, are 100% committed and determined to provide as much targeted help and support to alleviate the suffering and displacement experienced by so many."

Families baked a whole host of yellow and blue sweet treats, figures to date are well over £650 and rising.


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