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Winners of Ilkley Civic Society Design & Conservation Awards announced

New Design Award winner

After a two year break, Ilkley Civic Society presented its annual awards to local businesses, organisations and individuals last week.

The Design & Conservation Awards evening began with a presentation by Adam Clark, recently retired from the architectural practice Halliday Clark about his 30 years since jointly forming the company. Adam also described his recent experience of being chair of the judging panel for the Yorkshire Region, Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).


This year the society has presented three Awards and a number of Commendation certificates to a wide variety of projects all of which had succeeded in making a valuable contribution to improving the townscape of Ilkley or its surrounding landscape. Projects, selected from an increased long list of 30 projects from the last two years included a variety of commercial buildings, many new private residences and a number of environmental projects.

Chair of Ilkley Civic Society Helen Kidman commented that ‘again she was pleasantly surprised at the variety and quality of nominations. Some of the modern designs will promote discussion which will hopefully lead to a better understanding of new ways that architects are developing so that our homes are attractive, economical and warm for the next generation and beyond’.


Certificates where presented to the following projects:-


New Design Commendations - for new projects

A new black house re designed by Simon Smithson for family use from an earlier concept. Built by Dobson Construction and finished by the owner. It is of timber frame construction well insulated and with triple glazing. All electric with a heat pump, PV panels and battery storage and returning some electricity to the grid make this property highly environmentally efficient. The site is surrounded by protected trees with foundations designed as piles so as not to damage them.

Commendation project

The second commendation in this category is again a new build but the site was created by reducing and remodelling an existing property to construct the smaller property for the owners of the whole site. Built by local builders Sharrock Construction Ltd.


New Design Awards - for new projects

A stunning contemporary new property in Middleton built on a plot that had not been used for many years. Design is by local Architects Halliday Clark by Nick Pearce and built by Sutcliffe Construction of Skipton.

New Design Award winner

The Olicanian Cricket Club for its new pavilion, to replace the one sadly burnt down that resulted in a fantastic community effort by the club to raise funds for a new pavilion in a remarkably short time. Designed by another local Architect Bill Horsley and built by Nick Kenyon Builder.


Conservation Commendation - for work on historic buildings or structures

We are always pleased when a small project can be included in the presentation and this year the project is just that, small. Probably unnoticed by many, the large carriage type lamp that has adorned the front of Ilkley Manor House for about 100 years has recently been missing, taken away for repairs as it had become quite dilapidated. Originally made in Bradford it has been conserved a few hundred yards away by local firm Burnt Orchid (run by Thomas Bromley with assistance from his father). Burnt orchid specialise in the manufacture and restoration of metal products using blacksmithing and copper-smithing skills-both of which where needed here.

Conservation Commendation for the Manor House Lamp

Environmental Improvement - projects that enhance the townscape or surroundings of Ilkley

A Special Award this year to thank those individuals, groups and organisations, too many to name , who gave of their time to maintain and improve spaces in and around Ilkley in 2023.


Helen added: "Returning to a live presentation will hopefully be repeated next year as it enables local residents and their architects and builder to gather to celebrate new build and heritage projects that add to the history of the town as well those that improve the environment.

"We have seven projects on our long list already for consideration by December 2024, any suggestions please to"



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