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Your guide to the elections taking place this week

Voters will go to the polls this week to elect local councillors and a West Yorkshire Mayor.

Polling stations will open at 7am on Thursday (2nd May) and close at 10pm, with voters required to bring photo ID or a Voter Authority Certificate.

30 of the 90 district councillor seats on Bradford Council will be up for grabs, one representing Ilkley.

Residents to the west of Ilkley will be asked to vote between two candidates to fill a vacancy on Ilkley Town Council.

West Yorkshire as a whole will vote for the new West Yorkshire Mayor.

The list of candidates are:


Baldwin, Michael Andrew – Labour Party

Briggs, John – Liberal Democrat

Brown, Ros – Green Party

Hawkesworth, Anne Gillian – Independent

Sugden, Joanne – Conservative Party


Brown, Ros – Green Party

Sellars, Jane – Conservative Party


Brabin, Tracy Lynn – Labour and Co-operative Party

Buxton, Bob –Yorkshire Party

Cooper, Andrew Varah – Green Party

Craven, Arnold Eric – Conservative Party

Golton, Stewart – Liberal Democrats

Tilt, Jonathan Richard – Independent

This year, there are national changes to the rules about hand delivering postal votes. Changes to the law mean that anyone hand-delivering postal votes will be required to complete a form and sign a declaration. Any postal votes which are hand-delivered without the form being completed will be rejected.

The most convenient way to return a postal vote is to post it in a Royal Mail post box using the pre-paid envelope provided.  You should allow plenty of time for your postal vote to get to the council through the post. It must be received by the Returning Officer no later than 10pm on polling day.

There is a limit as to how many postal votes can be handed in.  By law, you can only hand in your own postal vote and those of up to five others. If you are a campaigner, you can only hand in your own postal vote, and those of close relatives or people you provide regular care for.

To find your local polling station visit

Further details of the elections on Thursday 2 May 2024 are available on the Bradford Council website:


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