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20mph zone being considered for Ilkley town centre 


Bradford Council is announcing an expansion of 20mph zones across the district on Clean Air Day covering areas of Bradford, Shipley, Keighley and Ilkley.

It will be the largest roll out of the zones in Bradford’s history and will see £150,000 invested in measures to support air quality and improve road safety as part of their Safer Roads programme.

The 20mph zones support the air quality agenda because they create a better environment for walking and cycling with people feeling safer. There is also evidence that slower speeds mean there are air quality improvements as cars accelerate and decelerate more smoothly.

The programme has an evidence-led approach that deals with the most vulnerable sections of the community first.

The City Centre 20mph zone will go live in August and the first phase of the School 20s programme is currently being delivered and is aligned with the district-wide No Idling Zone campaign due to launch in September 2019.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, portfolio holder for regeneration, planning and transport for Bradford Council:

“The 20mph zones are an important part of improving the lives of everyone in the district, particularly young people.”

“We’ve looked into the areas that most need action taken to reduce accidents and injuries to the public. With the city centre zone starting in a couple of months this is the largest ever roll out of 20mph zones in Bradford district we’ve done.

“It is important we continue to look at how we can further improve our roads to make a real impact on the health of people in the district, not just for Clean Air Day, but for every day after that.”

Building on the £1m Healthy Streets project in Shipley town centre, the proposed 20pmh zone will cover the area from the A650 from The Branch Pub site to Foxes Corner and back up Saltaire Road to the A650.

The council is currently considering the best options for creating a 20mph zone in Ilkley town centre following the Ilkley Parking Review.

The proposals for Keighley are for 20mph zones that would encompass school sites at St Joseph’s, University Academy, All Hikmah, St Anne’s and The Holy Family. The zone also includes the Cliffe Castle access and covers 16 streets.

There are also proposals covering Barkerend Road where there are a number of schools sites in close proximity as well as the CityConnect 1 cycleway. Due to the traffic conditions on Barkerend Road traffic calming measures will also be considered for this road to help ensure compliance with a 20mph speed limit.

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