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Bradford Council's Executive is being asked to approve plans for Ilkley and three other parts of the district next week that could see limited numbers of A-boards return on license-based system.


Since being launched in January 2016, the ban has been unpopular with some local businesses who say the ban has led to a drop in passing trade, but has been welcomed by disability groups though, who say the ban has allowed them to move around pavements with more confidence.


Members of the council's Executive will be asked to consider on Tuesday, 7 March, a number of options on the future of the ban.


These include:


  • Retaining the ban in the current areas

  • Increasing the ban to also include other urban centres of the district such as Baildon, Bingley, Greengates, Haworth, Ilkley, Keighley, Queensbury, Shipley, Silsden, Thornton and Wyke

  • Expanding the ban to the whole district

  • Reverting back to previous policy i.e. one A-board per property

  • Retaining the ban in the four areas but giving traders the option of applying for a licence to display a single advertising board outside their premises, which would fund enforcement of the ban and licensing regime.


The final option is being recommended for approval, alongside a 12-month trial of Instaplanta, a new way for businesses to advertise on street furniture, using wooden planters.

Coun Alex Ross-Shaw, Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning & Transport, said: “The issue with extending the ban further across the district is we simply don’t have the resources to enforce it properly and we’ve got to be honest about that in light of the budget cuts we’re having to make across the Council. 

"A licensing system would reduce the number of A-boards on the streets but also generate a small amount of revenue to be able to pay for proper enforcement.” 

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