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New £100 fines for people who drop litter from cars

The clampdown on litter louts continues with Bradford Council praising community-spirited people who help the local authority by reporting people who dump rubbish from their vehicles.

More than 100 people have paid Fixed Penalty Notices issued by the Council for littering from vehicles in the last 10 months.

Earlier this year the Council agreed to adopt new rules which will make it easier to prosecute people who drop litter from vehicles.

When the new legislation is brought in, any litter dropped from a vehicle will be treated as the responsibility of the keeper of that vehicle, identified through the licence plate number.

If the keeper cannot identify the actual person who dropped the litter they become liable for the offence and can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecuted if they fail to pay up.

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “The new legislation will be more practical and allow enforcement officers to carry out their roles even more effectively.

“If anyone sees anyone committing litter offences, we would ask them to report it to Bradford Council.

“But I can’t stress more strongly that we don’t want to issue Fixed Penalty Notices or take people to court. We want people to act responsibly in the first place and dispose of their litter in the proper way, instead of throwing it on the street for someone else to pick up.”

Bradford Council has also raised the level of Fixed Penalty Notice fines to £100. Anyone issued with FPNs can get a £20 discount if they pay it quickly.

For more information please visit the council Report litter page or telephone 01274 43100.

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