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Your ‘Ilkley Parking Scheme’ problems & issues


Ilkley Chat has been contacted by many of you wanting to know who to contact with issues arising from the new parking scheme which went live on 29 July.


General problems and comments should be emailed to  (ilkley dot parking dot review) including requests to change permits because of a specific problem.


If the email is a general new request for permits, this should  be emailed to 


Both the District Councillors and Ilkley BID would also like to hear the problems you have encountered, Councillors are primarily focused on residents and the BID on businesses and visitors – however as many issues will affect both, you may wish to copy (cc) all below in on your email.


District Councillors

Cllr Anne Hawkesworth:

Cllr Mike Gibbons:

Cllr Kyle Green:


Ilkley BID:


Portfolio Holder with responsibility for highways and this scheme: Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw:

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