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Ilkley’s Got Heart – almost half way to 1,000 goal


Booths supermarket in Ilkley got a taste of the Ilkley’s got Heart Prepared to Save a Life Campaign this week, being the latest location to host a live First Aid demonstration.

The Ilkley’s Got Heart live demo team, lead by Paula Colman from PACO First Aid showed shoppers in the cafe and supermarket how to administer help to choking victims both young and old. Clive Allen from Westbrook Agency pitched in as the choking victim, allowing the the public to try, hands-on, the various techniques to help someone who is choking. Victoria Holland from Ison Harrison, also played the distressed mother with a choking baby, the realistic demonstration showing shoppers how to quickly and calmly deal with the situation, evaluate if the victim is indeed choking and administer the appropriate aid.

The ‘Ilkley’s Got Heart’ campaign is encouraging people who live and work in this historic town to take a simple, FREE, on-line course to equip them with the basic, but essential skills, to save lives and build confidence should we come across a situation where
someone needs help.

The FREE e-learning course is designed to give everyone and anyone the essential knowledge of how to help in an emergency. Those who have even some past basic first training can refresh their knowledge. The course can be done in five, 10-minute sections that cover a Primary Survey of the casualty, CPR, Bleeding, Choking and Stroke. It can take less than an hour to complete the course, the on-line assessment, and gain the certificate of completion.

The ‘Ilkley’s Got Heart’ campaign is running throughout October & November, and is pleased to report is almost half way to reaching the 1000 target of registered Ilkley lifesavers who have completed the FREE online, ‘Prepared to Save a Life’ course.

The ultimate goal is to make Ilkley a town of live-savers by getting 1 in 10 people in Ilkley prepared to save a life.

Further live demonstrations will take place this Friday at 10.30am in the town centre outside Hush & Avanti with another demonstration on Fri 8th November at The Clarke Foley Centre.  All demos will also give members of the public the opportunity to find out more information about the FREE online course. 

Anyone, anywhere can actually take the course by simply registering online at However, those who live or work in Ilkley will count towards the 1000 lifesavers target.

The ‘Ilkley’s Got Heart’- Prepared to Save a Life online training initiative was developed by Ilkley based Virtual College, Qualsafe Ltd and the charity ‘Community Save a Life Scheme’ (CSALS), to help get more people trained nationally in basic first aid. The 4 Ilkley Community Group saw an excellent opportunity to do something great in Ilkley.

The non-profit campaign is being supported and sponsored by local groups and businesses including Virtual College, The Ilkley BID, Westbrook Agency, PACO First Aid, Bradford MDC, Welcome to Yorkshire and Ilkley Town Council.

David Shaw MBE, Chairman of 4 Ilkley Community Group commented “The team at Booths really got behind us on this and we can’t thank them enough. We are pleased to have made great progress in such a short time and value the support Ilkley has given us, we are almost half way to our target of 1000 people signed up, but we want to exceed our target if we can. We encourage everyone out there to take the course, it’s very easy and takes no time at all.”

David goes on to say “The 4 Ilkley Community Group has a clear role of helping to bring people to work together for the good of Ilkley. The Ilkley’s Got Heart prepared to Save a Life campaign is a great example of this and demonstrates the passion to make Ilkley safer. We look forward to welcoming all to the next demonstration in the town centre this Friday at 10.30am.We thank our sponsors and supporters without whom this campaign would not have had such great impact. We’ll continue to update our giant heart, at the top of Brook Street in Ilkley, with progress towards our target.”   

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