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A celebration of typewriters this Saturday in Ilkley!

Coming to the Clarke Foley Centre in Ilkley this Saturday, 15 October, is a unique, unusual exhibition designed to appeal to all those with an interest in the pre-digital age.

Totally Typewriters is billed as “An interactive celebration of the marvelous machines that changed the world” it will be a display of over 80 typewriters from the 1920’s to the 1980’s.

This free event from 10am to 4pm will feature every kind of typewriter imaginable - large, small, office to ultraportable, black to every colour of the rainbow.

There will be a large number of working machines for everyone to try out - type some poetry, prose, a letter or even a shopping list. You are encouraged to bring your own typewriter to join the type-in.

There’s also a chance to win a typewriter by following the clues on the Typewriter Trail.

As well as the machines there will be hand-typed art for sale by Olly May. He produces eye catching pieces of art using lyrics and quotes from iconic figures.

Dave Wood, a performance poet will deliver a specially commissioned piece for the event.

Josh Sutton host of Otley-based typeRIGHT and owner of Red Fez Books will be selling posters and postcards.

Zoe Platt of Short & Few is hosting a workshop to create books with your typed creations.

There’s even an experienced professional typewriter technician ready to impart his knowledge and technical skills.

The hosts of this event Lesley and Mark Ayres have amassed a large collection over the past few years, just a few of which can be seen in the photo. Lesley said: “There is a large typewriter community out there on the internet and I know there will be quite a few people travelling a fair distance to join us on the day. It will be a chance to meet other typospherians and admire their lovely machines!”

They were actually encouraged to put it on by none other than Tom Hanks! Lesley typed a letter to him in lockdown and was delighted to receive a reply saying ‘set up your machines for that Type-In and watch everyone break out into smiles’.


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