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Annual Town Meeting for Ilkley Town Council electors

Ilkley Town Council will hold its Annual Town Meeting, hosted by the Town Mayor, Councillor Mark Stidworthy, on Tuesday 29 March, 2022, at 7.00pm in the Clarke Foley Centre.

This meeting is open to all residents in the Parish of Ilkley and is an opportunity to hear about the activities of the Town Council over the last year and to receive a brief outline of anticipated activities in the year ahead.

The meeting will include an open session for residents to ask questions and make comments about the work of the Town Council.

If you have an issue of concern that you would like to raise in this forum, we may be able to give the most helpful response if a brief outline is sent in advance to

All residents are warmly invited to come along and find out about the work of your Town Council and to meet the Mayor and other members of the Council.


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