Appeal to stop the summer litter plague in Ilkley Riverside Parks

“If you visit our parks please respect them and other users, if the bins are full take your litter home!”

“I’m afraid it’s a case of here we go again”, said Ed Duguid. Chair of Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks (FOIRP).

“Over the last few months both FOIRP and Bradford Council have been busily making improvements to the way the Parks at Ilkley Riverside look, through trimming the paths, litter picking and the creation of new entrance areas at Riverside Gardens, East and West Holme Fields. The grass was cut and tree damage tidied up from the flooding in March, the outlines of some new wildflower meadow areas have been marked out in preparation for work once the social distancing can be relaxed.”

“Then, bang, we get some great weather and some relief from the tighter regulations and we welcome back many visitors to the Parks.”

“Now you would think that those coming into the Parks would say, wow, don’t the park areas look fantastic and whatever we do we must ensure that we now look after these and respect the work that the Council and the park volunteers have been doing? You would, wouldn’t you?” said Ed, “ Sadly no, however, what we get is what we get every year when the weather improves, we get people who think it is ok to bring vast quantities of food and drink into the Park then leave their trash for others to clean