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Businesses come together for the Ilkley BID Second Term Business Plan launch

Paul Craggs, Mark Smith and Sally Shelton at the launch event.

Ilkley Business Improvement District (BID) has launched its new Business Plan for 2024-2029; a strategy document outlining its vision for the town and its businesses over the next five years.

The Plan, presented to an audience of around 50 business owners and leaders at The Ticket Office Bar in Ilkley, laid out how over £700,000 would be spent supporting the town centre over that period.

During the launch event on 25th January, the attendees listened to a presentation by Helen Rhodes, Ilkley BID Manager, about the renewal process which was followed by a Q&A session. The directors spoke about why they are involved with the BID and several business representatives gave passionate testimonials about the positive impact the BID is having on their business and the town as a whole.

The new Business Plan outlines the priority projects for the next five years based on direct business feedback. It has been the result of around 6 months of consultation and planning, involving significant numbers of town centre businesses in the process.

The proposals fall under three key objectives: Marketing and promotion of the town, Keeping Ilkley clean and attractive and Supporting businesses.

Introducing the new plan, Ian White, Chair of Ilkley BID, said: “Ilkley BID’s vision for the next five years is to support our local economy, improve facilities for the business community, boost visitor numbers and raise the overall profile and appeal of Ilkley as a great place to live, visit and do business.

“The current economic climate continues to be challenging for all businesses, whether they operate in retail, hospitality or in the service sector. This is why it is more important than ever to have the support, the funds, the autonomy and the drive to keep on improving Ilkley, keep on investing in Ilkley and to be united in this vision.

“I’m really proud of what the Ilkley BID team has achieved during its first term and I’m confident it has demonstrated that the BID can make a positive impact on our town centre. I firmly believe that businesses need the passionate advocacy and support that the BID team deliver.”

Helen Rhodes, Ilkley BID Manager, continued: “We’ve had fabulous support from many BID members across all sectors of the town over the past five years and it’s been great engaging and working with them. I’d like to thank the businesses who responded to our renewal survey or took the time to speak with us as their feedback and input have helped us shape our strategy and priorities for the future as outlined in the Business Plan.

“We were also really touched by the messages of support from the businesses during the launch evening itself, as it gives us great confidence about our approach, our thinking and what we can all achieve together.”

Under current legislation, Business Improvement Districts can only operate for a maximum of five years before being required to retest business support. Ilkley BID’s first term, which began in 2019, closes at the end of May 2024. More than 300 businesses and organisations will be asked to support the BID by voting “Yes” for a second term in the postal ballot which is being managed by UK Engage and runs from 22nd February to 21st March, with the result announced the following day.

For more information about the BID visit: and to read the new Business Plan, navigate to the ‘2024 Renewal’ page.


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