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Call to support local NHS on National Kindness Day

Ilkley Great Get Together (IGGT) is calling on Ilkley people to support our local NHS on National Kindness Day which is next Friday, 13 November.

Becky Malby from IGGT said: ‘I know the NHS staff working on the Covid wards in our local hospitals are working really hard, and it would be wonderful to show our thanks and support.’

For AIredale Hospital, if you would like to send in cards and gifts to say thank you to the staff caring for people at this time then please send to:

Jodie Hernshaw, Airedale Hospital and Community Charity, C33 Airedale Hospital, Skipton Rd, Steeton, Keighley, BD20 6TD - Marked 'Ilkley says thank you'

They would like: bottled water, drinks in cans; snacks to keep people going (cereal bars, packets of biscuits, chocolates)

And for Bradford Royal Infirmary, you can donate money via our Just Giving page at

£10 could pay for a comfort pack for staff having to stay overnight at short notice.

£20 could pay for a return taxi to work so that a member of staff does not need to use the bus.

£50 could stock a snack area for staff working long hours.

£100 could pay for a hotel room for staff needing to stay close to the hospital or isolate from their families to keep working.

£1,000 could pay for a hydration station to remain fully stocked with drinks and snacks for a ward for an entire month.

And you can send messages of support via Twitter, tagging @BTHFTcharity and @BTHFT.


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