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Car parks closed to stop non-essential travel

Credit: Bradford Council

Bradford Council is reinforcing the message that travel to exercise is not essential travel.

To help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID 19) and encourage people to limit their journeys to essential travel only, Bradford Council has taken the decision to close its car parks at certain destinations. The closure will take place with immediate effect until further notice.

The destinations where this will apply are:

  • Cow and Calf

  • Whetstone Gate

  • Ilkley Lido

  • Riverside Gardens

  • Darwin Gardens

  • White Wells **added 06 April

  • Haworth – Bronte Village Car and Coach park, Weavers Hill

  • Haworth Bronte Parsonage Museum car park

  • St Ives Low Park, Golf Club & Coppice Pond and Play Area car parks

  • Lister Park car park

  • Cliffe Castle car parks

  • Baildon Moor carpark

  • Penistone Hill Dimple Lane Quarry and Moorside Lane

Over the past week the Council has seen an increase in the numbers of people treating the time that they have at home due to the Government restrictions, as a holiday and driving to local beauty spots and overcrowding them.

The Government’s new measures limit travel to essential journeys only, you are allowed to go out for exercise but you must stay close to home. 

The Government has said that they expect the public to act responsibly and follow the new rules. However, if the police believe that someone has broken these rules – or if they refuse to follow their instructions – a police officer may issue them with a fixed penalty notice for £60 (reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days).

The decision by the Council reinforces the work of West Yorkshire Police and also reflects action being taken at other beauty spots and national parks around the country.

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “People have got to understand that the Government is telling people to Stay At Home for a simple reason – we need to save lives. People should not be making unnecessary journeys. Unfortunately, we’ve seen that people aren’t following this advice which gives us no choice but to close the car parks for these sites. Please follow the Government’s guidance and Stay. At. Home!”


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