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Climate Action Ilkley moves meeting online

Andy Walker

Climate Action Ilkley is inviting Ilkley residents to join its first online public meeting on Wednesday 13 May with the title ‘Insulation - stay warm, save money, reduce carbon’.

Keith Pitcher from Climate Action’s energy workgroup said: "We have had a local meeting lead by Insulation expert Andy Walker planned for many months and we didn’t want to give up in the face of the lockdown, so we have opted for an online meeting.”

"If we are to successfully reduce our carbon footprint in Ilkley, insulating our homes is one of the most important things we can do."

“A summary carbon roadmap for Ilkley Town Council produced by Professor Andy Gouldson and others at Leeds University showed that the greatest source of carbon emissions in Ilkley is from heating our homes."

A spokesperson for Climate Action Ilkley said: "A lot of the houses in Ilkley date back to Victorian times. We must learn how to effectively insulate them, whilst minimising cosmetic impacts on historic buildings, to reduce carbon emissions and to ensure that in the future we will still be able to heat them."

"The government Climate Change Committee recommended in February 2019 that no new gas boilers be installed after 2025. To be able to heat our homes with the alternatives, which at the moment include ground and air source heat pumps, houses will need to be properly insulated. The added bonus is that it saves money on our energy bills."

"This talk by Andy Walker is a starting point to do that. Andy Walker runs his own local company called Sure Insulation. This is based in Leeds and has done a lot of work on old victorian homes. Andy is keen to pass on his knowledge and help train both local householders and professionals to insulate old houses to Passivhaus standards."

“Climate Action Ilkley is already talking to solar panel suppliers about a community procurement deal exclusively for Ilkley residents but insulating our homes is the other side of the same coin and is even more important.”

This webinar takes place on Wednesday 13th May, the meeting will open at 7.00 pm to give people unfamiliar with Zoom any help that they might need with their set up. The talk will start at 7.30pm and will include opportunities to ask questions and participate in the meeting.

Further details of the event and joining instructions are provided when you register for the event using Eventbrite:


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