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Community appeal from new Ilkley Pride & Diversity Group

IP&D appeal for help to create a Community flag like this one made in Keighley

The new Ilkley Pride & Diversity Group is appealing for volunteers, performers, stall holders & workshops and businesses support.

The first Ilkley Pride in Diversity Group (IP&D) meeting was held last week kindly hosted by The Flying Duck & landlord Gerard.

A simple group structure was agreed the best option along with making sure the group had insurance in place and Keighley Pride were there to support this new project In Ilkley & share resources.

The group has secured a £500 start-up costs via Community Chest CBMDC Keighley Area Committee to whom we are grateful and a Funding Bid has been submitted to the Mayor of West Yorkshire Safer Communities Fund and a decision is pending.

A grant application will also go into Ilkley Town Council for assistance & for their formal support as requested by The Town Mayor.

It was agreed subject to approval that Ilkley Pride & Diversity Group ( IP&D ) & supporters will take part in The Ilkley Carnival. The theme for the parade is Our Planet, climate change and greening. The parade will take place on Monday 2nd May 11.00am.

A Pride event subject to Funding will take place for all ages on Saturday 2nd of July at The King’s Hall & Winter Garden.

The group will appeal for organisations & businesses who would like to have a stall & or workshop at this event. Crafts, Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Mental Health & wellbeing. Sports, Faith groups, Diversity Training, Police & Services, business, union & Council LGBTQ+ Groups.

They will also be an appeal for local performers in drama, Speech, Music, Singing, Poetry, dance, drag etc. A simple talent competition will take place for Youth & adults.

There will be a Youth Area, stage, DJ & Pride Flag Sewing project workshop.

If you can offer support for the Pride event on 2nd July please email IP&D chair David Shaw MBE on

Young People’s Involvement in the organisation and development of the event of the group is vital ie a Young People’s voice and inclusion. Ilkley Grammar School (IGS) LGBTQ+ youth rep was present & they will help to design a New Logo, Poster & pin badge. Feedback what do the IGS LGBTQ+ group want at a Pride event is awaited & to be actioned.

We wish to encourage Talent & local youth performers, music, Singing, poetry, stories, drama, dance & encourage displays of all Art forms & sculpture.

We wish for all local Primary schools specially to become involved to help with a craft project to develop a Pride flag for Ilkley but all are welcome to be involved with this opportunity. Professor Becky Malby & her Great Get Together sewing Group will assist with this project as she did for The Covid Response Group Face coverings & Scrubs.

People across the town to contribute to a patchwork flag, made from hundreds of colourful squares that celebrate all aspects of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Progress Flag design represents everyone and truly reflects our outlook,” said Ilkley Pride & Diversity Group chair David Shaw MBE. “Pride celebrates inclusivity and acceptance. We want friends and allies to take part, as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community in Ilkley and surrounding villages.

The plan is to walk with the Flag at Carnival Parade 2nd May and have it on display at the pride event on 2nd July.

Below is information for anyone wish to make a patch.

Who can I celebrate in my patch? We want the flag to represent the whole of Ilkley's LGBTQ+ community. Who has inspired you? Or helped you discover who you are? Who do you admire? Is this a person, an organisation, a group, yourself? Please be aware that this will be a public flag, if you’re not sure if you can include a person’s name or anything that might identify them please ask them first.”

How can I make my patch? You can embroider, appliqué (sew fabrics together), hand sew or use a machine, embelish with beads and buttons, draw or print with fabric pens and paints… or a mix of all of these. Be as creative as you like!

Can you donate material? Clean non-stretch fabrics in the rainbow colours are needed. Please leave material in the box outside 30 Nelson Rd Ilkley LS29 8HN.

You need material? Please check in the box at 30 Nelson Rd, Ilkley, LS29 8HN and take what you need.

Photo Patch: if you want to do a photo patch then send in photographs of your LGBTQ+ inspirations to print onto Fabric. A person, building or event you want to celebrate. Please email your photo to

Squares are 15cm X 15cm with a 2cm seam allowance (19cm in total ) for White, Pink, Pale blue, Brown, Black

For Red, Orange, Yellow Dark Blue, Green and Purple, it is 10cm & 12.5cm plus a 2cm seam allowance = 16.5cm X 14cm

Please drop your finished patch into the box at 30 Nelson Road, Ilkley, lS29 8HN by Friday 15th April.

Any questions please email

The group have arranged to meet on a two-weekly basis on Wednesdays. This will allow for future planning and networking. The date of the next meeting is - 16th Feb, 7pm. If you would like to be involved please email David:


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