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Conservative pick eleven Town Council candidates

Left to right: David Nunns, Catherine Cheater, Steve Butler, Kate Butler, Harry Burns, Andrew Loy, Joanne Sugden, David Cowell

Eleven local residents are standing as Conservative candidates in the Ilkley Town Council elections this May.

Three are current town councillors standing for re-election, four have past experience on town or district councils, and four are standing for election for the first time.

A spokesman said: "They offer experience, along with a desire to implement change after four years of the Greens and Liberal Democrats in control on the council.

"Their priorities are to stop plans for over 100 speed bumps across the town, push for value for money and a lower precept, and cut the number of committee meetings to focus on action instead of talk.

He added: "They want to ensure residents are sufficiently involved in major decisions affecting the town, saying some people had commented that the 20mph plans appeared to have been decided before the consultation even began."

The full list of Conservative candidates and the wards in which they are standing is as follows:

Ben Rhydding:

  • Sean Spence, a retired businessman who ran a cosmetics manufacturing business based in Yorkshire and Chicago.

  • Alan Strachan, a local businessman who has lived in Ilkley for over 20 years and has been involved in Ilkley Business Forum and Ilkley Business Awards.

Ilkley North:

  • Harry Burns, who has lived in Ilkley all his life and is keen to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the council.

  • David Nunns, a chartered surveyor and current town councillor who is vice-chairman of the Planning Committee. David is also standing as a candidate for Ilkley Ward in the Bradford Council elections.

  • Joanne Sugden, a town and parish councillor for the last 12 years who has worked with community, business and environmental groups, particularly on protecting our green spaces.

Ilkley South:

  • Kate Butler, an accountant and former town and parish councillor.

  • Kyle Green, who is stepping down from Bradford Council after representing Ilkley for four years.

Ilkley West:

  • Steve Butler, a retired solicitor, former town and parish councillor and first Town Mayor of Ilkley.

  • Catherine Cheater, a retired teacher who has lived in Ilkley for most of the last 60 years.

  • David Cowell, a former chairman and chief executive of an investment management company and former councillor in Richmondshire.

  • Andrew Loy, an accountant, district councillor, and town councillor who chairs the Town Council’s Finance Committee.

Further information about the local elections in May is available on the Bradford Council website:

Click here see the full list of persons nominated for each ward. Ilkley is split into five wards; Ilkley South (14D), Ben Rhydding (14E and 14C), Ilkley North (14B), and Ilkley West (14A).


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