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Consultation opened on Greenway safe routes for walking and cycling

The Friends of Wharfedale Greenway recently launched a new consultation on places people would like to be able to safely access from the Wharfedale Greenway.

The survey, which can be filled in online at, will be open over the summer to allow residents along the Wharfe valley to have their say on links they would like to see from the Greenway. This could be a favourite local business, a school, your home, a sports club, or a green space along the route.

The group have been delighted by the number of responses they have already had since launching the survey at the end of June. One of the early responders was Maya, a primary school pupil from Ilkley, who said “I wish for a safe route to my school so that I can scoot or cycle every day”

The Wharfedale Greenway is a proposed route for walking, cycling, and horse riding which is planned to run between Pool in Wharfedale and Bolton Abbey via Otley, Burley in Wharfedale, Ben Rhydding, Ilkley, and Addingham, with a spur running to Menston. Whilst there is still a lot of work to do before plans to build the Greenway can be turned into reality, the group are keen to think about how to get the most from the route now so that there is time to discuss the results of the consultation with local authorities.

Antony Butcher, Chair of the Friends of Wharfedale Greenway, said “We'll be using the responses from this consultation to promote the creation of safe routes from the Wharfedale Greenway to key locations along the valley. We’re keen to hear from as many people as possible - the more responses we get, the stronger the case for creating safe connections to the Greenway.”

When built, the Greenway will create a new 15 mile route along the Wharfe valley, linking communities with a total population of nearly 50,000 people. With many local councils along the route having declared a climate emergency, alongside both Bradford MDC and Leeds City Council, the group hope that the Greenway will create new journey options for people along the valley, allowing them to travel without having to use the car.

The survey will remain open over the summer until October.


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