Coronavirus: Changes to Ilkley's streets

The way roads and streets across the Bradford District are used is set to change as Bradford Council prepares to introduce measures to support social distancing during the coronavirus crisis.

Like many cities around the world dealing with lockdown and planning for a post-Covid-19 world the Council has been looking at a range of proposals including temporarily widening pavements and cycle lanes to help people maintain two metres social distance as they shop, walk or cycle around the district, improving crossings for pedestrians, and reducing bottlenecks and slowing vehicle speeds to make the roads safer for cyclists and walkers.

Over the next couple of weeks a first round of measures will be introduced as part of the Council’s response to this challenge: 

  • Provide social distancing measures on The Grove in Ilkley to help shoppers access local businesses.

  • Widening the footway under the railway bridge at Wheatley Lane in Ilkley.

  • Suspending, initially for 12 months, the £300 charge for an outdoor seating licence for pubs and restaurants.

  • Widening of non-segregated cycle lanes on roads. 

  • Reducing speed limits in Shipley town centre and on roads near schools to 20mph to help children walk safely to school (June 2020).

  • Putting down temporary markings on widened pavements to help people queuing to access local shops and businesses maintain appropriate distance from others in the queue.

  • Reducing Hall Ings in the city centre to one lane in both directions from Jacobs Well roundabout to Bridge Street to help passengers wait safely for their buses.

  • Pedestrian crossings at Princes Way and Bridge Street in the city centre have been modified to automatically provide a ‘green man’ crossing sig