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Coronavirus memorial walk near funding target

Ilkley's Riverside War Memorial Gardens

Fundraising to create a memorial to those who have sadly died in Ilkley and Ben Rhydding from coronavirus has nearly reached its target.

District Councillors Kyle Green and Anne Hawkesworth are delighted that with online and offline donations they have nearly reached the £1,000 target. The proposed memorial walk in the Riverside War Memorial Gardens will remember those who died from coronavirus and thank keyworkers for their incredible contribution during the pandemic.

The memorial walk when finished will see bulbs, cherry trees, a magnolia tree, and two memorial stones - one to remember those who have died and the other thanking those who have helped save lives during this pandemic.

With donations having reached just short of £1,000 and thanks to the amazing generosity from Moss & Moor who have agreed to support the project with the financing for some of the trees and bulbs, the councillors are delighted that the foundations are in place to get this place of reflection situated soon.

Despite this, there are challenges with the procurement of all the necessary trees, bulbs and stones in terms of getting the memorial in place for the anniversary of the first lockdown. Speaking about this, Cllr Hawkesworth commented: " It will clearly have to be in two phases. Initially a marker by laying the memorial flags “stones” and a planting of a single magnolia tree (or similar.) Due to problems in sourcing and the planting season, cherry trees for the walk will be in the second phase.”

Cllr Green added: "I am delighted to be supporting this and I hope residents will continue to donate to this project to remember those who have tragically died, as well as those heroes who have been working so hard to save lives. For me the choice of bulbs is also a consideration as we would particularly like something blue as a nod to the NHS staff if we can do so."

For those wishing to donate to this project you can do so online at or by contacting Cllrs Green or Hawkesworth via email at: or


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