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Coronavirus Response Group deserve our continuing gratitude

The Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group's unwavering commitment and professionalism deserve our continuing gratitude, Ilkley Town Mayor, Mark Stidworthy said this week.

Cllr Stidworthy added: 'Approaching the fifth week of lockdown, Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group continues to form the backbone of the local response to Covid-19. Over time we have seen continuing growth in numbers of people needing a little help, perhaps with shopping, prescription delivery or simply a reassuring chat. People are referred through the local helpline or from BMDC’s Keighley Hub, and the District and local responses are fully integrated. With a pool of volunteers, the Group has been able to respond rapidly to particular needs, most recently the production of over 150 pairs of protective scrubs for local healthcare workers by a dedicated sewing team. '

'Weekly review meetings of the Group enable it to adapt swiftly as events unfold. The increasingly difficult situation in care homes has been discussed, and the Group is now working to identify and address specific local needs. Ilkley’s Round Table has stepped forward to provide website support, enabling rapid collection and distribution of donations for local use. Continuing disruption to school as the Easter holidays come to an end may be upsetting for many young people, and support for families remains an important part of the Group’s work.'

'Each of us has a part to play protecting the NHS and saving lives every day. Stay at home, be cautious in public areas, observe 2m social distancing from those not in your household and keep dogs on a lead when outside. Help to alleviate anxiety and loneliness by regular video or phone calls.'

If you are in Ilkley and need help or support, the telephone number is: 07375 803 693, or go online to: You can also volunteer by this route. The new website for donations and information about Ilkley Coronavirus Response can be found at:


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