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Council plans to replace IGS buses with train travel

Bradford Council is consulting on plans to scrap school bus services from Menston and Burley-in-Wharfedale to Ilkley Grammar School.

The Council is proposing a change to the travel arrangements it makes for all eligible pupils using the dedicated bus services G23, G24, G25, G26 and G27, with pupils in future being offered a railcard.

The consultation says: “The proposal will not affect the eligibility criteria in the Home to School Travel and Transport Policy for Children of Compulsory School Age or the Post-16 Transport Policy Statement. This means that all pupils currently receiving free travel will continue to do so but in a different way and pupils in the future that become eligible for free travel will be offered a railcard and not a dedicated bus service.

“The proposal is to discontinue the dedicated school bus services referred to above and to issue railcards that can be used between Burley-in-Wharfedale or Menston (if it is the nearer station) and to use the rail service that runs to Ilkley. There are 4 trains an hour at peak times and there is capacity for all current bus users to transfer to this service. All fare paying pupils using these services will be able to buy rail tickets as well.

“The change from buses to trains will enable the Council to remove 10 bus journeys per day from the roads. Local Authorities have a duty to promote sustainable modes of transport to schools. It will also be a more cost effective way of providing free travel for pupils in this area.”

The proposed change will be implemented from September 2024.

Anyone wishing to express a view or comment on the proposals can do so before midnight on Sunday, 31 March 2024, email


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