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Crazy Creations come to Ilkley

Chef Linford with on of his Crazy Creation burgers

Move over freak-shakes there’s a new craze in town. The Yard Sports Bar in Ilkley have a brand-new menu for the first time since it’s come back in February, and it includes some Bonkers Burgers!

Whoever said you can’t combine dessert and dinner in one sitting is obviously yet to try one of these hybrid creations.

Chef in residency Linford Nicholson said: “Our ‘Chicken and Waffle’ burger was such a success that we have been asked to push the burger boundaries event further, we’ve seen what people like and take it up a level, which is where ‘Crazy Creations’ come in. Our favourite is the ‘Bacon and Blue Oreo’ - Two Lishman’s of Ilkley patties, bacon, blue cheese, and Oreo crumb topped with an Oreo on a rainbow bagel - sweet and savoury goodness with a little chocolate hint!”

If the sweet and savoury combination isn’t your bag, then they have also included many requests from customers to bring back favourites such as the ‘Sharer Tray’, which consists of everything from mini burgers to halloumi fries and even a couple of wings amongst a plethora of other delights. In addition, there are other stand out favourites included from the old menu such as ‘The Bacon Cheese’ and ‘Salt and Pepper’ wings (now with the option of a sticky Korean BBQ glaze).

First reviews on the new menu have been a huge success with customers taking to social media and saying: “Had a meal last night…. absolutely gorgeous cannot recommend highly enough” and “Amazing food tonight”.

Until 24th August, they are offering 50% off the new menu for followers of Ilkley Chat, diners need to book via this link:

For further information or to book, please visit or contact us via email at call 01943 609606.


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