Cutting the mustard at Ilkley's new pocket park

The new Pocket Park in Ilkley’s central car park

We all like a bit of yellow - it is the colour of sun, sand and the leader’s jersey in the Tour de France!.

You might have noticed that there is an abundance of yellow mustard spicing up the flower beds in the new Pocket Park in Ilkley’s central car park.

These beds are tended by the voluntary group, Ilkley in Bloom, but the appearance of the blooming mustard was as big a surprise to us as to some of our residents and visitors.

Alison Shaw is from Ilkley in Bloom: “We have planted a variety of plants in the beds over the last few weeks, but hadn't reckoned on what must have been lots of the age-old condiment seed in the top soil which had been laid down. The yellow blooms are a huge hit with the bees and, presently, certainly cover a lot of otherwise bare soil very effectively - indeed a passerby asked us for a couple of the plants we were thinning out for an empty patch in her garden.