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Explore food the Romans gave us at Ilkley Manor House family fun day

Roman fun at Ilkley Manor House 11 September

On Saturday, 11 September, join in with the Roman fun at Ilkley Manor House, which was built in the Roman fort, between 2-4pm.

'In AD79 the Romans arrived in Ilkley to stay. They called it Olicana. They built a fort to guard the river crossing and keep a watch over the local Brigantes. Over the next three hundred years, they introduced many fruits and other foods which we take for granted today. It is believed that the cherry stones thrown away by the marching Roman soldiers seeded the cherry trees we have today.'

The event will include a self-guided trail with herbs and pictures of fruits, with their Latin names, around the Manor House grounds. There will be pots with herbs in the western garden, many of which were used for cooking.

If you wish, you can make your own shields to join in the parade at 3.30pm. The event is part of the Manor House Heritage Open Days for this year and will run in line with local & national government guidelines at the time of the festival.


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