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Explore Middleton Wood with new nature trail

A pop-up nature trail has been created in woodland near Ilkley to encourage people to explore and learn about their environment this Christmas.

Staff at Nell Bank Outdoor Education Centre have been busy hiding QR codes in Middleton Woods. There are twelve in all, which can be scanned with a mobile phone to unlock their secrets.

Dan Goodey, Head of Centre at Nell Bank said: “Middleton Woods is a fantastic place to explore. We have taken children in there every day to enjoy learning about their natural environment.

This Christmas we wanted to create a covid safe but exciting reason to visit your local woods and enjoy being outside.

There’s lots to learn about, some fun challenges and it can be as long or as short as you want.”

The codes have been attached to trees and fence posts and can be started from the Lido, the footbridge or Curly Hill but there is no set route. The idea is that people should explore and stumble on the codes.

The activity is free of charge and can be followed at any time over the school Christmas break – there’s no start or finish times. Nell Bank hopes it will highlight the vital work the charity does for youngsters across the Bradford district and that explorers might be encouraged to make a donation.


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