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Exploring Ilkley Moor: Free guided walks and educational events

The Friends of Ilkley Moor's events in May include guided walks and informative events that are free for everyone to enjoy.

Please note booking is required for all events and can be made in advance by contacting Tracy Gray by email or phone: All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Heritage Walk: Cow & Calf

Saturday, May 18th - 2pm - 4pm

From the Cow & Calf Rocks to the quieter areas beyond, discover the famous Cow and Calf Rocks,  the geology of quarry faces, streams, a small gorge, a Cup and Ring Stone and Rocky Valley. Leader: Tracy Gray. Walking Grade: Moderate. Meeting Point: Cow & Calf car park.

Heritage Walk: Woodland Way

Sunday, May 19th - 2pm - 4pm

Ilkley Moor is of course known for its wonderful moorland but on the lower reaches there are  woodlands to be explored. This walk winds in and out of the atmospheric woods that form the  lowest slopes of Ilkley Moor. Some up-hill walking involved and there are lovely views of Ilkley. Leader: Tracy Gray. Walking Grade: Moderate. Meeting Point: Darwin Gardens car park.

Peatland Restoration on Ilkley Moor

Saturday, May 25th - 2pm - 4pm

This event introduces people to the ecology and conservation of the peatland habitat on Ilkley  Moor. Discover the work the Friends of Ilkley Moor have been doing in partnership with Bradford  Council to help restore Ilkley Moor’s peatlands. Learn the benefits of this for biodiversity, flood  alleviation, carbon capture and reduced fire risk. A moderate walk of four miles, with uphill  climbing.

Leader: Tracy Gray. Walking grade: moderate. Meeting point and parking: White Wells  car park.

The Plants & Trees on Ilkley Moor

Sunday, May 26th - 2pm - 4pm

Discover the diversity of flora on the Moor; the trees, flowers, grasses, mosses and lichens of  Ilkley Moor, in the full glory of summer. You will also learn about the conservation and  management of these areas of the Moor. A moderate walk of three miles, with some uphill  climbing involved, but well worth the effort.

Leader: Tracy Gray. Walking grade: moderate.  Meeting point and parking: Darwin Gardens car park

Full details of the events programme can be downloaded on the website,, Printed programmes can be obtained free of charge from Ilkley Visitor Information Centre on Station Road, and selected shops and cafés in the Town. 


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