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Fire service warn against using Sky lanterns

Fire chiefs in West Yorkshire have issued an urgent warning to avoid using sky lanterns, sometimes known as Chinese lanterns.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service used social media on Wednesday morning to warn the public of the dangers of using the lanterns in support of our amazing NHS.

The force posted on Facebook:

'Lit lanterns falling to earth are a fire risk and they destroy habitats, injure animals and set fire to property. At this time we want to use our resources to support the community not put out fires caused by Sky lanterns.

There are other, more safer, ways to show support.'

There is a Public Space Protection Order which includes a ban on sky lanterns and well as BBQS, fireworks and other dangerous items from Ilkley Moor and moorland across the Bradford district.

The Metro reported that UK firm Night Sky Lanterns has faced backlash for encouraging people to set off its £6 Union Jack Lanterns on Sunday night. The company said all proceeds would be donated to the NHS, but many social media users branded the idea ‘terrible’.


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