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Free summer Clip ’N Climb sessions

Ilkley Youth and Community Association (IYCA) is funding for its fourth Summer Fun programme for Ilkley’s 4 - 16 year olds with assistance from Ilkley Town Council and Ilkley Rotary Clubs.

IYCA Chairman Martin Smith said: " Come along to Clip ’N Climb in the Station Plaza where their fully qualified and insured staff will make sure that the kids will be safe while they tackle the many climbs available. There are 21 individual and multi climber challenges of varying design and difficulty, testing agility and courage in different ways, including the Stairway to Heaven."

The available free dates for pre-booking are below and numbers are limited to 26 for each session:

Thursday 11th August 2pm - 3pm

Wednesday 17th August 2pm - 3pm

Tuesday 23rd August 2pm - 3pm

Martin added: "Booking in advance is necessary as these sessions get booked up quickly. We ask people only book on one of the days."

If you have trouble with eventbrite please ring 01943 608234 and ask for Steve Butler.

For those who book, you are asked to turn up at least 20 minutes before the session starts (no later than 1.40pm) to give everybody time for harness fitting and safety briefing. Please wear trainers and loose fitting clothes (no crop tops please). Hand sanitising will still take place on-site prior to climbing. A Parental Consent Form is required for insurance purposes.


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