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Friends of Ilkley Railway Station share results of public consultation

A recent Northern Rail Volunteers Day supported by the Friends of Ilkley Rail Station group, local volunteers and friends, Northern Rail staff and Ghyll Royd School

For a number of months, the Friends of Ilkley Railway Station (FOIRS) have been consulting with local residents and other users to understand people’s views of Ilkley's public transport services and facilities. A recent survey has now closed, and the group have been able to analyse the results. 


Stephen Thornton, Chair of the FOIRS group told us “We would like to thank everyone who responded, it's very much appreciated. What we can certainly see from the feedback that the rail and bus services, along with the facilities, are very important to the residents of Ilkley.”


The analysis shows the following:-

Rail Travel

2% of respondents never use the train

48% of respondents use the train most days or weekly

Bus Travel

43% of respondents never use the bus

15% of respondents use the bus most days or weekly

The key reasons given for not choosing the train more or at all were:-

20% say it is too expensive

18% say it doesn’t go to their required destinations

9% say the service is unreliable/strikes


The key reasons given for not choosing the bus more or at all were:-

37% say it doesn’t run when they need them

22% say it doesn’t go to their required destinations


With respect to the existing facilities the 3 most important are:-

Cover from the rain

Staffed ticket office



The demographics of the respondents is as follows:-

Under 16 17%

16 to 30 10%

31 to 60 40%

Over 60 33%

Prefer not to say 1%

With regard to improvement of the facilities:-

The 3 most important were provision of toilets, better / more seating, and improved signage. For the signage, digital and historical information were a priority. 


75% of respondents said YES to specific improvements of landscaping, planters and artwork on the station.


The Ilkley Rail and Bus Board which includes key stakeholders from Network & Northern Rail, West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), Bradford Council, Ilkley Town Council and Ilkley BID will use this feedback and build it into future development plans.

Stephen added “Making changes to an area which involves so many stakeholders, particularly when funding is a major challenge, makes it all the more important that we start this process with good knowledge of what the people of Ilkley want. We believe our recent consultation now gives a firm mandate to support the proposed changes and hope to be able to progress with our plans over the coming months and years.”


Anyone wanting further information should email Stephen at


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