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George Scaife re-selected as Labour’s candidate for Ilkley seat in May’s Bradford Council Election

George Scaife to content Ilkley seat for Labour in May's Bradford Council elections

Local drama teacher and actor George Scaife has been re-selected to contest the Ilkley seat for Labour in May’s Bradford Council elections.

Mr Scaife, 29, was born and raised in Ilkley, attending Ilkley Grammar before heading to university in Manchester and then Huddersfield.

Labour’s candidate says it is his experience helping the town’s children find their passion, through volunteering at Ilkley’s Upstagers Theatre Group, and his history of working in local hospitality venues and care homes, that has driven him to build on his campaign in 2021.

He said: “I believe everyone should have the chance to flourish, young and old. We deserve everything from well-supported youth services to affordable activities to combat loneliness in old age.”

“From doctors, nurses and carers to teachers, taxi drivers and shop workers, we’ve all sacrificed so much for our community and our loved ones during the pandemic. And we’ve more challenges to come, from supporting Ukrainian refugees to the cost of living crisis.

“But it’s that spirit of love and togetherness that makes our town. And it’s that spirit that gives me hope for the future. That is why I know that together we can get Ilkley thriving again!”

Mr Scaife hopes to help the town recover with plans to increase the security of Ilkley’s environment, the prosperity of its High Street, and the respect for local residents.

This includes pledges to start a hospitality recovery forum to support local venues to bounce back after the pandemic, improve local footways and roads, and promote schemes to insulate local homes.

The election for Ilkley’s seat on Bradford District Council will be held on Thursday, May 5.

If you would like to get in touch with George, please email him on

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