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Grants are still available to help heat family homes through winter

Funds are still available through the No Child Cold campaign and organisers are encouraging any families in need across Ilkley and the Bradford district to come forward.

Claims are coming in from from a wide range of people, the hope is more people in need will come forward before the end of March when the campaign wraps up.

Many people are finding themselves in a difficult financial situation for the first time due to the pandemic and circumstances beyond their control. The campaign is there for anyone in need and should be utilised whilst it’s available to help ensure no cold is cold this winter. The criteria for applying is simple because the scheme wants to support any family who might be struggling with heating their home this year. If you want to check if you are eligible please visit the website before the end of March for more information:

The No Child Cold Campaign might be wrapping up with home schooling scheduled to end on 8 March and with spring on its way. However, the ever-changeable weather expected through March means the campaign is still asking businesses and individuals to donate to the fund that provides one-off small grants to families who need help to keep the heating on at home when children would normally be in school. If you want to donate there is still time until 8 March.

Bradford’s community groups, faith groups, public sector organisations and the business community have joined forces on the No Child Cold campaign to help families struggling with the extra heating costs caused by children being at home during whilst schools are in lockdown. As well as families facing unexpected financial difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

One Bradford head teacher said: “We are very grateful for the No Child Cold grant which has provided much needed support for many of our families. Within minutes of sending a notification, we had over 35 responses asking for us to apply on their behalf and this continued to rise over the next couple of days. We have now submitted over 100 applications which is a clear indication of how many families need support. With so many additional challenges for children and their families at the moment, this grant has taken away some of the anxiety about money and ensured that children are able to learn without being distracted by feeling cold. On behalf of the families at our school, a big THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting this initiative.”

If your family is at home this winter and you are worried about affording the heating please reach out, the campaign wants to support as many as families possible.


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