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Heat Pump & Solar Panel Open Day on Saturday

Climate Action Ilkley (CAI) will have a stall on The Grove on Saturday 4 May from 9:30am-12pm, with information about heat pumps and solar panels.

CAI say both play an important role in helping us reduce our energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions, and save money. 

More than 1 million homes in the UK have installed solar panels and, over the last decade, the costs have reduced significantly as the performance continues to improve. The government has set a target of 600,000 heat pumps to be installed in our homes every year and has recently increased the grant to £7,500. Also the costs to supply and install solar panels and heat pumps are currently VAT zero rated.

Between 10am-12pm you can also visit three CAI members' houses to see their heat pumps, solar panels and electric vehicle chargers in action and ask questions. Please go to the addresses, you don’t need to book, the locations are:

  • 25 Wharfe View Road, LS29 8DY. 1890s terrace. Heat pump and solar panels.

  • 6 Craigmore Drive*, Ben Rhydding, LS29 8PG. 1930s semi-detached. Heat pump, solar panels and battery storage.

  • 103 Grove Rd, LS29 9QE. 1970s detached. Heat pump, electric car + charging.

CAI ask people to walk or cycle where possible, it is trying to stop cars parking on the grass verges.


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