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Ilkley Amateur Operatic performer reprises her mother's role

Ilkley Amateur Operatic Society’s production of Nunsense is very special for one of its cast members, Susan Wilcock, who is playing a role her mother Mollie Williams played three decades ago.

Susan, who is playing Sister Mary Robert said: “For me it’s quite daunting to be following in my mum footsteps and playing the same role, especially as I remember how hilarious she was.”

Mollie added: It’s slightly bizarre but wonderful to see my daughter stepping into my shoes. I hope she has as much fun as I did and hopefully she can “tackle that temptation with a time step a little better than me.”

Nunsense tells the story of a group of five nuns (The Little Sisters of Hoboken) who put on a fundraising concert to raise money to pay for the funerals of four of the sisters who sadly died in a botulism outbreak due to Sister Julia ‘Child of God’ making a dodgy batch of vichyssoise soup. They would have been buried with the other 19 sadly deceased nuns if Reverend Mother hadn’t decided to spend the remaining money on a 3d HD flat screen TV.

The show runs at the King’s Hall from March 2 to 4. Tickets from or 07376 176490.


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