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Ilkley based training studio goes virtual during lockdown

Lucy training virtual clients during lockdown

Let Luce Training, Ilkley celebrated it’s 2nd anniversary during “Lockdown”. Like many businesses in Ilkley, Let Luce Training was faced with closure of their workout studios in the town centre after the announcement for all gyms to close on March 27th 2020 on the advice of the Government. With a question mark as to how and when gyms will be able to safely reopen it was important to find a new way of training.

Lucy Hanson, founder and owner of Let Luce training was determined to keep over 100 members moving when faced with isolation in their own homes. For many other gym goers this has forced them to either abandon or cancel their gym memberships and stop their exercising or to look for alternative ways to exercise. Lucy switched the business to a ‘Virtual Training’ studio overnight. Investing in several hundred pounds worth of equipment (including video calling software and hardware, speakers, screens and much more). She is now successfully and safely streaming live Virtual classes from her home to all members, with a timetable of live classes accessible to all abilities.

Around 70% of all members transferred to the new setup, allowing them to continue training remotely at home with their families where necessary. Workouts include 30 or 45-minute HIIT sessions, Boxing, Family circuits and 1 on 1 Personal Training, all through the new Virtual Training technology. Lucy and the team of trainers prepare fresh exercises for every single class, to ensure clients have variety, they also tailor the classes and ensure that there is exercises both with and without equipment.

The seamless transition to virtual classes has ensured clients can physically and mentally benefit from daily exercise with over 17 classes running 6 days a week.

Lucy says:

“The enforcement of the closure of our studios has – like many gyms and studios - turned our business upside down, it has also created a new opportunity for the whole team and our clients."

"During Lockdown, our new Virtual format gives some structure to the day for all our clients and their families. It is great to know that we can continue sharing with our members and their families and children that exercise is important and can be a fun and is part of a balanced way of life, especially during these difficult times."

"We have all types of members, including key workers. It was important that we continued to offer a moment of escape from everything happening around us, especially for those who are continuing to work to protect and serve our communities."

Trainer, Abi Says:

“While COVID-19 restrictions may be keeping people isolated, fitness has a huge role to play in keeping people healthy, happy and helping manage anxiety, stress and potentially loneliness. The Virtual online training is cost-effective and is giving our members real and trackable results."

"The online Virtual Training is filling a gap, and at the same time introducing new people to the world of fitness. For many the idea of stepping into a gym and/or studio is incredibly daunting, so online workouts allows these sessions to become highly inclusive by taking away these types of anxieties. From beginners to experienced ‘gym bunnies’, whether you have children, you are single and/or flat out with work commitments, you are catered for."

Virtual Client, Lisa says:

“At Let Luce training you are treated as an individual and through the virtual workouts Lucy and the trainers are able to ensure the techniques used are not only safe but also enables you to get the most out of your work out."

"Virtual Let Luce Training is an innovative and exciting business model. Lucy is passionate about the value of physical and mental heath and this latest addition to Let Luce is a way for us all to be involved and engaged in keeping fit regardless of work and family commitments."

To learn more about Let Luce Training and to become a virtual member visit the website:


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