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Ilkley Charity volunteers join Ukraine relief effort

Organisers of Ilkley’s Pat’s Party are heading off to Poland in an effort to provide essential support to Ukrainian refugees and people still stranded inside the war zone.

It is hoped that this mission will raise awareness in the Wharfe Valley of the plight of Ukrainians and also encourage donations that will be used to supply essential items directly to the war-ravaged refugees who so desperately need them.

The relief mission has 3 main objectives. Firstly, the team will drive vehicles, loaded with articles collected by local Ukrainian societies, across to eastern Poland to relief distribution centres near the Ukraine border. Secondly, the team will use all funds collected in the name of this Pat’s Party initiative to purchase, in Poland, as many of the essential items known to be in short supply in Ukraine, itself, as possible and take them to the same distribution warehouses. Thirdly, the team hopes to be able to transport refugee families to their host families in the UK, or elsewhere in Europe.

Pat’s Party has raised over £108 000 for Save the Children, a school in Gambia and local charities during its nearly 20-year history of summer and bonfire events in Ben Rhydding.

COVID imposed a two year break in these family events and it has already been decided to hold one last ‘jamboree’ this summer on 18 June 18th to go out with a bang. However, the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Ukraine has focussed the minds of organisers, who have decided to take action.

The same three committee members who last year raised over £8000 for Save The Children by cycling from Lands End to John O’ Groats - Vic Sedlak, Geof Ashton and Andrew Copsey will set off on this relief mission before the end of April.

“Your kind donations, and support, would be most welcome and would all be used to purchase truly essential items for direct transfer to helpless people trapped in Ukraine or displaced.”

A justgiving page has been set up for contributions

The page also gives details of a fund raising event, with live music, that is being organised for Friday 22 April at the Hollygarth on Leeds Road in Ilkley.


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