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Ilkley 'Culture Declares Emergency' hub launch

Climate Action Ilkley is hosting a Letters to the Earth workshop on Sunday 28th May, 1pm - 4:30pm at the Operatic House on Leeds Road as part of the launch of a Culture Declares Emergency (CDE) local hub.

Culture Declares Emergency is a network of people who believe arts and culture have an essential role to play in responding to the multiple crises we are facing around climate change, ecological decline and climate justice.

A spokesperson for Climate Action Ilkley said: "We hope a CDE hub in Ilkley will nurture local talent and creativity whilst bringing in a different perspective on the climate crises. A perspective that engages with the climate emergency with creativity, emotion and imagination. A perspective that engages with a story of what could go right. The story of a future we want to live in and a future we have a role in creating. Starting right now with the imagining and telling of it in whichever form or medium that may be. We hope this event will showcase what this can look like.

"Writing a Letter to the Earth can be a simple and powerful way to deepen our connection with the natural world. It can be an opportunity to release your fears, your frustrations and your love, a way to process what’s happening in the world and create something new or imagine something better. hat is happening to the world and to create something new.

"As well as a Letters to the Earth workshop there will be music, block printing and other creative activities. Please join us and bring your own fabric, t-shirts, totes, etc to print on to.

"Climate Action Ilkley declares a climate and ecological emergency and recognises the need for action across all sectors of society. We recognise our role within Ilkley’s cultural community and the need to engage imaginatively and creatively with these issues. We also recognise that there are many others within this community, from many different aspects of arts and culture.

We would like to invite you all, individuals and organisations: to join us in writing a letter to the earth, declare a climate and ecological emergency and recognise this as a starting point to many different forms of action. It is not about being perfect and join us in co-creating a local CDE hub where we can learn together and support each other.

"We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 28th May, it’s a pay as you feel event. Please sign up on eventbrite here. if you can so we have an idea of numbers.""


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