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Ilkley Grammar School takes great pride in celebrating excellent results

Ilkley Grammar School takes great pride in celebrating the excellent results achieved by its students following the publication of GCSE, BTEC and other vocational and technical qualifications.

Ilkley Grammar School celebrates another year of strong results, in spite of the reported national changes to grading standards this year following years of pandemic disruption. As Ilkley Grammar School students celebrate their achievements in the public examinations, there is much pride in the resilience that Year 11 ‘purple tie’ students have shown over the past two years of study and the fact they continue to exceed national standards.

IGS students continue to achieve extremely well across a range of grade thresholds in over 30 subjects, highlighting the breadth and quality of the IGS curriculum. With almost 1 in 3 grades at grade 7+/Distinction+, the class of 2023 have secured a staggering 150 grade 9s across the full range of subjects and 371 grades 8 and above, showing just how highly IGS students have achieved. This is also the case for students of all abilities, with an impressive 1675 total of grades at 4 and above- over 150 more than 2019.

IGS students have once again significantly outperformed national figures in key performance subjects, English, English Literature and maths. IGS students secured in excess of 80% of English Language grades at grade 4 and above, compared to 64% nationally this year. English Literature shows a similarly impressive picture for IGS students, with 86% of students gaining 4 or above compared to 74% nationally. Once again in maths, IGS students outperformed the national benchmark for a standard pass by an impressive 17%.

There were many exceptional individual performances at the highest level. These included the following students who secured grade 8s and 9s across the board: Lottie Johnson; Emily Wood; Mia Fleetwood; Isobel Tate-Smith; Sasha Goodman; Callum Dow and Lucy Simpson. Ben Swift also achieved a full complement of top grades with a staggering 9 grade 9s!

IGS is also celebrating the success of a large number of students who have made exceptional academic progress since joining IGS. Though there are far too many names to mention, students include but are not limited to: Lucy Hayes; Billy Gonzalez; Anna Firth; Lottie Johnson; Lily Markham; Eleanor Tolch; Keiran Slowinski; Emily Wormald; Imogen Hilton; Luke Helme; ; Seth Toye; Millie Smith and Louis Herring.

Carly Purnell, Headteacher of Ilkley Grammar School, remarked on students’ achievements and again praised the hard work, positive attitudes and commitment of the year 11 Class of 2023: “Congratulations to all our students who have done so well in their examinations. With the unprecedented turmoil surrounding education during the last few years, it’s testament to our students’ resilience, determination and hard work that they’ve achieved such strong results across a wide range of GCSE and BTEC qualifications.”

“We are proud of what they have achieved and we wish them every success for their next steps. Well done Year 11 and thank you to the IGS staff and to families at home for supporting our students to achieve so positively.”

Gemma Claughton, Deputy Headteacher: Quality of Education, added, “This year’s fantastic results are testament to the incredible work ethic and persistence of our amazing Purple Ties Year 11 cohort, who should be rightly proud of each and every grade that they have earned, particularly in the face of continued uncertainty following the examination boards’ return to pre-pandemic grading standards. Well done Year 11- you have shown tremendous courage and we couldn’t be prouder of your achievements!

We are already looking forward to celebrating individual results with staff, students and parents/ carers at the Year 11 Prize Presentation Evening in November.”

The school now looks forward to welcoming continued high numbers of students into Post-16, including those transferring from other providers.


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