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Ilkley Mayor praises towns VE Day commemorations

Ilkley Town Mayor, Cllr Mark Stidworthy, has this week praised Ilkley's commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of VE Day despite the lock down.

"I would like to thank everybody, young and old, for continuing to maintain the lockdown rules despite the difficulties of enforced inactivity and prolonged separation from those who are special in their lives. It was uplifting and reassuring to see Ilkley uniting in responsible VE Day commemorations in the face of danger and sadness across the nation. Our oldest residents, for whom this event represents so much, found themselves most isolated. The Round Table VE Day float, which visited Ilkley care homes bringing reminiscence and song, brought much-needed hope to residents and staff. We thank them and everybody going the extra mile for others this week."

"We must all continue to do everything we can to prevent coronavirus spreading. The lockdown has been changed slightly but my message here in Ilkley remains stay at home unless it is essential to go out. With so many vulnerable older residents, social distancing outside your household remains critical to everybody’s safety, as does vigilant handwashing. A little more flexibility to exercise brings increased personal responsibility to stay alert to a real and continuing danger to others. I trust Ilkley residents will behave with caution and restraint. Everybody deserves to feel as safe as possible if they need to go out. Dangerous behaviour that puts others’ lives at risk should be met with vigorous enforcement."

"Ilkley’s continuing response to coronavirus stands as testament to the strong community spirit and resourcefulness of the town. Numerous individuals, voluntary organisations, council workers, elected representatives, businesses and particularly health and care workers are pulling together to help address our needs. We continue to owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone involved."

"If you are in Ilkley and need help, the telephone number is: 07375 803 693. The Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group website can be found at:"


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