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Ilkley Rotarians sponsored walk for Airedale after serious brush with Covid-19

Ilkley Wharfedale Rotary Club Member Derek Richards is doing a fifty mile sponsored walk in aid of the 50:50 Campaign of the Airedale Hospital and Community Charity following his serious brush with the Covid-19 virus.

Admitted to Airedale as a Covid-19 pneumonia patient early in the pandemic he wondered, when he went in, if he would survive. Thanks to all the efforts of the Staff at the hospital, he did indeed survive and to those who showed endless patience and kindness during his stay (sometimes working well beyond their allotted hours) he feels the least he could do as a show of appreciation is to raise some money which will go towards the creation and renovation of Staff rest and recuperation areas to support well-being. Derek intends to start the walk in stages starting on Friday, 26th June and concluding during the first week of July.

A spokesperson from Airedale’s NHS Foundation Trust commented: “We are delighted that Derek and the Ilkley Wharfedale Rotary Club are supporting our 50:50 campaign with their 50 mile walk. During our anniversary year it is exciting to see the community coming together to celebrate our hospital whilst raising vital funds for Airedale Hospital & Community Charity.”

The local hospital must have touched the hearts of many residents in the area and if you would like to help Derek in raising money for this cause, please visit


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