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Ilkley's Bradford Council candidates revealed

The candidates standing in Ilkley to be elected to Bradford Council next month has been revealed.

Ilkley Residents will cast their votes on Thursday May 4th with a third of the seats on the council up for election. Bradford Council operates on a cycle where elections are held three out of every four years. Each of these elections sees 30 out the of 90 council seats contested.

Below are the four candidates standing for Ilkley:

Baldwin, Michael Andrew – Labour

Brown, Ros – Green

Jones, Caroline Rosemary – Liberal Democrats

Nunns, David – Conservative

Currently Bradford Council is made up of 52 Labour Councillors, 20 Conservatives, 6 Liberal Democrats, 6 Green Councillors and 6 independents.

Residents will also be voting to elect councillors to Ilkley Town Council on May 4th.


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