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Ilkley sisters launch online natural dog treats business

Ashleigh and Georgia, two sisters from Ilkley, noticed that everyone has become fascinated with what is actually in their food, checking labels, changing diets, and because of this, they started to ask themselves, ‘surely our beloved furry friends need the same kind of love and attention when it comes to their own diet?’

“It started when one of our own elderly dogs fell unwell and developed allergies. We began paying more attention to the ingredients in the treats we were giving our dogs, and what actual benefits it provided to them. We realised that it was just as important to understand what should be left out of dog treats, as well as what is put in”.

Putting their two fields of expertise together, Ashleigh is a respected and well-qualified dog walker, and Georgia a young marketer and entrepreneur, the girls researched the current market and found that there was a healthy demand for natural & specialised treats and supplements, and eco-friendly toys and accessories. With it being the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, dog owners seemed less enthusiastic about visiting their local pet store, so the decision was made that the products would be available online and was launched.

The website houses collections for young and old, sensitive tummies, super chewers and every type of dog in between. The girls have even created personalised boxes for Birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. Looking at 2021, Ashleigh and Georgia hope to launch their subscription service consisting of eco-poo bags, recycled toys and natural treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The girls added: “It is clear from the orders we have had, and the feedback from our customers, that they agree that natural treats and eco-friendly accessories are the way forward when dog owners want to reward their pet.

We love receiving photographs and videos from our customers showing their dogs diving into their deliveries; it shows that we have made the right choice”.

The Boss B Natural website is


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