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Ilkley Talking Newspaper appeal for technicians

Ilkley Talking Newspaper is hoping to recruit more volunteer technicians to help deliver the vital regular service to many listeners.

Steve Amos, lead technician from ITN explains: "Our reading team provide phone recordings which we convert the file format and burn to CDs.

"So if you have some experience with editing software and own a Windows 10 PC with a CD writer, and are happy to have safe software installed please get in touch.

“We'll be delighted to talk to you about the process as well as providing all the software and documentation to guide you through, whilst still working at a distance.”

Ilkley Talking Newspaper sends out weekly recordings from The Ilkley Gazette, and monthly ones from The Dalesman magazine.

If you can assist or would like further information, please contact Susan via email or call 01943 609040.


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