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Ilkley Town Council to launch a new website

Ilkley Town Council has announced the launch of its newly redesigned website, which meets a higher standard for accessibility.

The upgraded site, which will be available fully from the 1st February at, will meet the latest accessibility requirements and will increase transparency by providing easy access to Council information.

Agendas and minutes of all council meetings can be accessed on the website. This feature promotes transparency and allows the community to stay informed about important decisions and discussions within the council. The website also features a dedicated news section, providing timely updates, announcements, and highlights from the Town Council.

Town Mayor, Councillor Karl Milner expressed enthusiasm for the website’s launch stating “As a part of our commitment to improving local accessibility, both physically and online, we are thrilled to introduce our new website. This update not only improves the overall browsing experience but has been developed to allow for better access to the important and sought after resources and services. We will continue to improve access and accessibility as we are able to do so”.


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