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Ilkley Town Ladies manager proud of teams front line workers

Nine of the Ilkley ladies who have worked on the front line: Back row: Annie Posthleswaite, Hanna Spivey, Jade Cubitt, Olivia Boardman, Chloe Dinsdsle. Front row: Lily Gazenley, Becky Gill, Lauren Oxtoby, Beth Hirst.

Ilkley Town ladies manager, Tony Gill, would like to place on record the special effort by eleven of his first team who have been working throughout the pandemic putting themselves on the front line to help others.

Tony said: "It’s been quite a stressful time but these girls deserve special praise for working throughout with no complaints at all, which is a huge testimony to their courage and character."

"I am immensely proud of the unselfish effort they have put in on the front line, and they deserve a special mention Ilkley ladies are a very close knit bunch and as a team we all would like to say a big thank you to them."

The team are: Lauren Oxtoby, assistant Psychologist; Annie Postlethwaite, postwoman; Jade Cubitt, care support worker in a Covid 19 ward; Lily Gazenley, Ilkley care home worker; Rebecca Gill, Chloe Dinsdale and Gemma Croft, school teachers; Daisy Taylor, and Beth Hirst, staff nurses in Covid ward; Olivia Boardman, supermarket team leader; Hanna Spivey, civil service in HMRC; Bethan Smith, care support worker in a Covid 19 ward.

Ilkley Ladies are a friendly but competitive bunch, aged sixteen to thirty, who play football in the West Riding Ladies League.

Two of the team have played since the team started eighteen years ago, Chloe Dinsdale and Becky Gill both played in their first ever game as eight year olds, both now approaching 26. Tony has nurtured and supported them since they began.

Tony added: “I have seen many girls come and go over the years but those two have been here the whole time, Becky the one constant in 18 years, has played every season without fail.”

The team have also raised money for good causes and plan to be at the forefront of raising the awareness of mental health as Tony explains: “Last season we set a league record for attendance by attracting 115 spectators to watch us and raised over £300 for Manorlands and MND, we also raised £150 earlier for a hospice in Yeadon.”

“This year it’s hoped that the further development of our website tackle it kick out stigma will raise the awareness of mental health, which is an area of passion as a mental health nurse and an area where I achieved a Phd.”

“I have funded tee shirts the girls will wear as training tops before games. It’s also hoped that I can hold some talks post lockdown on mental health awareness and tackle issues such as suicide and self-harm. The West Riding Ladies League are also going to be involved.”

The team are currently looking for a sponsor to help with a new strip and training gear, they have been playing with the same strips for over ten years. If you like to support the Ilkley Town Ladies please contact Tony via email


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