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Ilkley Town Mayor and Deputy re-elected

Re-elected: Cllr Brown (deputy) Cllr Stidworthy (mayor)

At its Annual Meeting on Monday May 24th, Ilkley Town Council re-elected Councillor Mark Stidworthy as Ilkley Town Mayor (and Chair of the Council), and Councillor Ros Brown as Deputy Mayor (Vice-Chair) for the year 2021 to 2022.

Councillors also formally welcomed the new Clerk to the Council, Ruth Batterley, and a newly elected Town Councillor, Andrew Loy.

Councillor Stidworthy said: “It has been an honour to chair the Town Council for the last two years and I thank my colleagues for their confidence in electing me for a further term. We will continue to invite the involvement of all to work alongside the Town Council to sustain our community networks, re-energise our cultural activities and nurture our built and natural environment in sustainable ways. The town’s resilience and community spirit have been tested by the events of the last eighteen months. It has been inspiring and at times humbling to be involved with so many wonderful people and organisations during this time. We have pulled together to care for our community during the darkest times whilst remaining hopeful as we prepare for Ilkley’s revival after the pandemic. I hope that the many partnerships and friendships that have been forged will continue to enliven and strengthen our community, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of this.”

Councillor Brown commented: “I am thrilled to have the privilege of serving as Deputy Mayor for another term, supporting our hardworking Mayor and Town Council in the work we undertake for our wonderful community. It is also great to see three candidates stepping up to contest the Ben Rhydding Ward Town Council seat. Following this election on 24th June we will be up to full strength again as a Council and halfway through the Town Council's electoral term. As the first tier of government closest to local people we are well positioned to support the needs and excellent work of many in our community. If you are interested in giving your time and skills to serve your local community through the Town Council please contact the Clerk, or an existing town councillor, for an informal chat about the wide range of activities that take place and help make Ilkley such a great place to live."

The next Full Council meeting of Ilkley Town Council will be at 7.30 pm on Monday June 14th. Due to social distancing requirements, meetings are currently being held at the Clarke Foley Centre in Cunliffe Road. Members of the public are warmly invited to attend, and encouraged to bring issues of concern to their Town Councillors, who are here to represent the interests of all in the town.


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