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Ilkley Town Mayor responds to new lockdown

Ilkley Town Mayor Councillor Mark Stidworthy

Responding to news of the new lockdown, Ilkley Town Mayor Councillor Mark Stidworthy said:

"The need for a further lockdown shows the continuing severity of the situation we are all facing with Covid-19. I hope that Ilkley residents will be united in adhering to the new restrictions, so that new infections and further deaths are minimised. All of us must continue to play our part so that those who are sick can receive the best care, and the NHS and its partners can deliver the vaccine as rapidly as possible to those who need it. Only then can we start to return towards normality.

"Our thoughts are with all local businesses experiencing further disruption, with care and health workers, and with our school teachers and pupils, whose resilience and persistence in the face of so many challenges are remarkable and deserve our full support and praise. The local helpline (01274 431000) remains available for appropriate and confidential practical help through BMDC and partners here in Ilkley."


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