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Ilkley's Jubilee lights being repaired

Following concerns raised about a numbers of the Jubilee lights 'not working or hanging down from the trees' a spokesperson on behalf of Ilkley Town Council has said:

'We would like to re-assure residents and businesses in Ilkley that we are not ignoring the Jubilee Lights. An extensive maintenance visit had been planned for the last week in March. Once the lockdown was enforced we could not re-schedule until there was clarity on the Government's directive vis a vis essential/non essential work. This has now been established and we are able to re-schedule. The electrical contractor is coming this week to do the necessary maintenance.

Thank you for your vigilance. We wish you all well during this difficult time.'

The Jubilee Lights were were installed on the trees on The Grove and Brook Street to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.


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