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‘Let's take pride in doing the right thing here in Ilkley’

Ilkley Town Mayor, Mark Stidworthy

Ilkley Town Mayor, Mark Stidworthy, is today reminding residents to follow the Government advice and to look for our neighbours.

In a message to the community he said: “This is a highly contagious virus. As such we must heed the Government advice on staying apart by keeping a social distance. It doesn’t matter if you are in the street, the park or out for a walk, stay apart from others.’

‘Please also be considerate in your shopping habits, only buy what you need and support the remaining Ilkley businesses wherever possible. Many will deliver. It is also time to be a great neighbour, look out for those who are alone or vulnerable. If you can, help them out.’

‘Each case of Covid-19 prevented by social distancing slows the spread, protects others in the town, and ensures the NHS can be ready to help those most seriously affected. If we all shop, walk, cycle, and run responsibly we can ensure that all of us, and particularly vulnerable people and key workers, can continue to get access to the things we need and support those working in the supply chains.’

Cllr Stidworthy ends with: ‘Let's take pride in doing the right thing here in Ilkley, so we can get through this together as quickly as we can.’

The latest Coronavirus news affecting Ilkley is available at


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